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While I don't mind having company on the ride up, I am likely to be driving up Thursday night. I can be slightly flexible as long as I can still meet my commitments. As for hotel, that's less likely. I have at least three guys in the room…

PM me if you want to pursue this further.


Re: Conventions! by SpewMuffinSpewMuffin, 08 Oct 2009 05:50

I am still talking with my friend about getting a room there. If we can get a room there, then it's worth going. If not, driving back and forth will make up for the cost of the room anyway and it's lost time. But I will keep updating because I'm REALLY wanting to go. And the reason why I couldn't go to any of the meet-ups is that I don't have a car of my own, and my parents need it 24/7 because they are very busy people. :/ But once I move out with my friend, it'll probably be a different song. Hopefully.
Also, if we had at least one other girl other than myself there, then it would be a very good thing! My friend that I've been talking about is a guy, and it would be rather weird for only one girl to be sharing a room with two other guys. xD

Re: Conventions! by Jill (Brainwashed)Jill (Brainwashed), 03 Oct 2009 17:17

I haven't bothered planning anything since nobody came to the meeting and nobody is showing any interest. I need to know who wants to go and is guaranteed to go. If there isn't anyone then there is no point in planning anything but if we can get at least one or two people who will commit to go then we can talk about plans. Are you able to go for sure?

Re: Conventions! by Mega ManMega Man, 02 Oct 2009 22:58

Okay, guys! We really need to talk about Saboten! It would be great if we could get a group together to both stay in the room and for hanging out/driving up to begin with.

Re: Conventions! by Jill (Brainwashed)Jill (Brainwashed), 02 Oct 2009 22:09

Sadly, it's a no-go for me. :x I've got a bit too much on my plate to stress about at the moment. T.T I'm sorry!

Okay bad news. Something came up so I have to move the meetup. It would be a pain to move the day so I'm going to move it from noon to 5pm. I'm sorry about changing it on such short notice but it doesn't look like many people were planning to come anyways so hopefully it wont be too much of an issue.

So to summarize. Meetup rescheduled for 5pm, same day, same place.

Re: First Cosplay Meetup by Mega ManMega Man, 12 Sep 2009 05:05

I might be bringing a friend to this! He's planning on moving down here, too, so he may have some good ideas for Saboten. :)
I also have a test two days after this meet-up (it's the scary part of the testing I have to do to get my aesthetics license so I can start working here). So if I'm not able to make it, it's all because of that. x3

I'm not too into cosplay, so I probably wont be there. Hope everyone has fun, though :)

Re: First Cosplay Meetup by wyrmmagewyrmmage, 02 Sep 2009 05:54

Just make sure you plan about two weeks in advance so I have enough time to post the event to AZHP's calendar and see if I can get some bodies interested…

Oh, and feel free to suggest anime series that I have in my collection too…


Re: Second Chance Meetup by SpewMuffinSpewMuffin, 01 Sep 2009 05:56

I'm actually planning on Saboten-con! So I might see you there!! :) I'm no longer going to Nan Desu Kan, though. It's too far of a trip for me as well (sadly). But I'm being flown into Banzai, so that's a definite plan. ^^ I'm getting the Jill jumpsuit re-made, so hopefully I'll have newer pics up soon. :)

I'll just make it easy on myself and post a link to my page:

I have 10 costumes thus far. In order of which they were made, they are:
Lt. Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing)
Lt. Char Aznable (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)
Trunks (Dragonball Z)
Larva (Vampire Princess Miyu)
Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura AKA Cardcaptors)
Cmdr. Rau Le Creuset (Gundam Seed)
Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)
Lt. Col. Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist)
Capt. Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach)

And in order from simplest to most complex (not all parts of my costumes were made myself), I think I would rank them like this:
Larva (Vampire Princess Miyu)
Trunks (Dragonball Z)
Lt. Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing)
Lt. Char Aznable (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)
Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)
Cmdr. Rau Le Creuset (Gundam Seed)
Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura AKA Cardcaptors)
Lt. Col. Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist)
Capt. Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach)

Michael's cosplays by Red CometRed Comet, 30 Aug 2009 03:24

Yes, those are some well made costumes. I think Howl and Yuuki Cross are my favorites.
I won't be at either Nan Desu Kan or Anime Banzai (it's a long trip), but if you'll be at Saboten-Con I'll look for you there.

Re: Jill's Portfolio! by Red CometRed Comet, 30 Aug 2009 02:57

Ah, I remember! I saw Himawari at AnimeLand TuCon! That was an impressive costume, and I think it's my favorite of the ones you've posted.

Re: My Cosplays by Red CometRed Comet, 30 Aug 2009 02:56

Thanks for the welcomes. I enjoyed the last meet-up.
Yes, I am Red Comet on Not to be confused with RedComet (without a space between the two words) - that is someone different.
And I've tried the Mechwarrior 2 game for the original Playstation - haven't tried any of the more recent games though.

Re: The Red Comet arrives by Red CometRed Comet, 30 Aug 2009 02:35

Fruits Basket was pretty sweet. Glad we had a pretty decent turnout this time :)

Re: Second Chance Meetup by wyrmmagewyrmmage, 29 Aug 2009 22:25

Welcome :)

I absolutely love Mecha, although I've never had a chance to watch any Gundam. Ever play any of the Mechwarrior series of games? Good stuff ^_^

Fun having you at the meetup.

Re: The Red Comet arrives by wyrmmagewyrmmage, 29 Aug 2009 22:21

First Cosplay Meetup
When: September 12 (Saturday), 5pm - 8pm
Where: 8017 S. Lennox Lane, Tucson, AZ 85747
Directions: Once on Rita turn South onto Ashford, then turn left onto Lennox Lane.
Who may attend: All members interested in cosplay
Type: Fashion Show/Discussion Group
Details: This will be a good chance to show off a costume (if you'd like to) and to meet other people in the group. We will socialize and also talk about plans for cosplay workshops at the end of the month and also discuss plans to go to Saboten as a group.

First Cosplay Meetup by Mega ManMega Man, 29 Aug 2009 08:15
Re: Mega Man
Mega ManMega Man 29 Aug 2009 08:08
in discussion Social Corner / Introductions » Mega Man

If anyone needs to get in contact with me other than through here my home phone number is (520) 760-5760.

Re: Mega Man by Mega ManMega Man, 29 Aug 2009 08:08

No much to say for welcoming you since we already met at the meet up. It was good having you.

Re: The Red Comet arrives by Mega ManMega Man, 29 Aug 2009 08:07

This meet up turned out much better than the last one. In total three people besides myself showed up. We watched the Lupin movie that everyone missed last week and then we watched some Fruits Basket episodes until midnight. Hopefully the next meet up will have an even greater turnout.

Re: Second Chance Meetup by Mega ManMega Man, 29 Aug 2009 08:06
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